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       Dear visitor, welcome to my Photography portfolio website. Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, I have learned Photography on the go. I was born and raised in Burgundy France and going on trips all over Europe were a pretext to go and do Photography. From my early days following my dad with a film camera, my passion really took off with the launch of the first digital SLRs. With the years I believe I developed a different eye and constructed some signature in my photographs. I particularly enjoy urban atmospheres,  textures, macros, desolated atmospheres, landscapes or portraits.

I first enjoyed abandoned objects which always attracted me, as they were still, available to capture as an image. I try in some ways to give them a second life through Photography. Following my relationship with objects and interesting textures, I progressively integrated humans in my work and particularly enjoy movement and blurred silhouettes. I more recently opened to portraits through photo-shoots or weddings which are exciting opportunities to magnify a person's beauty through a good light, pose and angle. I perpetually look for new ideas, new angle and framing and remain open to different visions and interpretations. Life and experiences are thankfully full of them!

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